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Melbourne Baby Photography | Baby Austin

To say I’ve been excited to photograph this little guy is an understatement!  Such a gorgeous little man, I cannot wait to watch you grow with your loving older sisters!  xx

Melbourne Newborn Photography | Samuel Mason

Gorgeous boy, how you are loved xx

Newborn Photography | Samuel Mason

Oh, beautiful baby boy, how you are loved, both here on Earth and in Heaven xx

Miss A, 7 weeks – Melbourne Baby Photographer

One of the first things I noticed about this gorgeous little girl was her divine pout.  Honestly, it’s just so cute.  She had a slightly different one for different situations.  Sleeping, awake, cheeky, and just being cute!  With huge eyes, she was a joy to photograph!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad, your gallery is coming soon!

Mr. M’s Christening – Melbourne Baby Photography

Mr. M’s Mum called me to hold a portrait session on the day of his Christening, to commemorate a special day in his life.  I have to say, Mr M is one of the most calm, smiley and happy-go-lucky babies I’ve ever met.  In all the time I was there I didn’t see him do anything but smile and never heard a peep of protest from him!

Poor little guy was getting a tad tired when we were at photo time, however even if he was very ready for a nap, he kept smiling and then finally drifted off to sleep in his pram!

Mum, he’s an Angel!  I can’t wait to photograph him again!  I hope you enjoy the preview!

(I have to interupt your image viewing here.. I think M’s eyelashes take the prize for longest and thickest eyelashes, I have ever seen… They are divine!)