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Aidan – Sydney Newborn Photography

I have been plotting this blog post for days.  I’ve written drafts and re-written them.  Nothing works, so now I’m typing blind!

I have know Tori (Mum) since pretty much the minute I was born.  We have a ‘way cool’ photo of the two of us at around 8 months, both on our daddy’s shoulders.  My head of white blond hair, hers of dark.  I can’t count the holidays around Australia where we met up during school holidays.  And now we are adults!

Mr Aidan, what can I say.  You were terribly difficult to photograph.  Why?  I couldn’t stop giving you cuddles and pick up the camera!  Honestly, it’s terribly difficult to be a newborn photographer and be so emotionally involved!  But I did fly to Sydney to photograph you, so that I did!

You are such a gorgeous, loved, special boy… with a little angel I know is looking out for you every minute, keeping you safe.  xxx

Tori & Rob… Thank you so much for having me in Sydney photographing your little man… I miss you all!!  I hope you love the photos xxx