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Melbourne Baby Photographer | Almost Springtime

I may be getting a little ahead of myself, since Melbourne does seem to take it’s time to get to the warm weather.  (And then tends to take it away again!!)   This week there was a brief taste of what’s to come, so I took a few frames in the sunshine of the beautiful blossom that is appearing near the studio.  Have a lovely weekend everyone! x

Mr T, 4 months – Melbourne Baby Photography

I did both of Mr. T’s sister’s baby photography at the same age as he is now, 4 months.  (And boy haven’t they grown!!)  Miss I (eldest big sister) is quite the little lady already, and Miss A is just adorable!  A little shy, but can’t resist smiling when I would start acting like a goose!  Mr T, takes everything in around him, his adoring sisters, and this fascinating world around him which he gazes at in wonder.  Mum & I have worked on a theme with our sessions with the girls, and now now with Mr T –  each time we’ve changed it up slightly to suit each child.  Makes things so special!

I couldn’t resist this second photograph, I want to put a silly caption like “wow, photographer – lady- what – are – you – doing?”  The expression is just priceless!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad, your full gallery isn’t too far away!

Mr M, 8 months – Melbourne Baby Photographer

Ready for a large post!?  I could have put every simple image of this session in a post, however I have to keep some secrets just for his parents!  I met Mr. M for his Christening Photography, and here he is again, for a formal portrait session.  We ventured out, firstly to an unlikely photography location, to the beloved canola field and then in the studio.  This little guy is just adorable, cheeky one minute, soulful the next, then grinning from ear to ear.    Little man, your mother is right, you are just “so damn cute!”

Mr C & Miss Z – Baby Photography Melbourne

What I love about my job, is that no two photography sessions are the same.  Because no two babies are the same.  Even when they shared the womb for 9 months.  They are so individual, even at such a young age.  These gorgeous babies were no different to that rule!  From only a few minutes into our time together, regardless that they weren’t identical, and of different sex, they already have such different personalities!  Mr Man here, was extrememly curious of his surroundings, and very cheeky!  Constantly looking around him, the camera was not of much interest to either of them, however the studio was ‘way cool’ to absorb.  Miss Lady, had one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen, but only for Mum & Dad, and boy does she love hearing mum sing!!

But one thing that was for sure, we captured so many different expressions and elements of their personalities, which above all else, is what we strive for in sessions.  A small part of a day in their short lives, and captured them, just as they are.

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad, so many more images to come!   And a big thank-you to the lovely Chrissy Torney for helping out during the session!

Mr C, 8 days new – Melbourne Newborn Baby Photography

This little guy came from quite a distance for his session, and was ever so sweet.  Giving little smiles here and there, was quite happy to be warm and sleeping!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad, more to come in your full gallery very soon!