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New Zealand, Day 1 & 2 – Maungaturoto & Whangarei

And for something slightly different on the blog… New Zealand!  Don’t stress, there will be a few ‘happy snaps’ of friends & family!  Day one & two saw us drive from Auckland Airport to Maungaturoto, to Whangarai, back to Maungaturoto, and back down to Auckland.  A fair bit of driving.  But as you’ll see from some of these images, the scenery is AMAZING.  Honestly, this country is a photographers DREAM.  In the middle of no-where there will be a patch of grass, an old wooden gate, some cute trees, a volcano.  (Ok so I’m slightly exaggerating on the volcano bit, well actually I’m not… but I’ll get to that in another post)  All these tiny places that would make a portrait session just go WOW.  So all you NZ Photographers… I’m jealous!

We drove up north to see family, and being such a whirlwind trip to NZ, it wasn’t for long enough, but long enough to say “I love you” and “be back soon”.  The first half are from the family’s ‘farm’ (as my children like to put it) complete with chickens.  And I have to warn you that some of the later images in this post were taken from within the car, windows up, and sometimes it was raining!  But what would be a “tiki tour” without moving photography!?

Is this not the best “Welcome to our town” sign you’ve ever seen?  It makes me laugh every time..  We also saw a sign on the side of the road that read “REAL free range eggs”… hmmmm makes you wonder doesn’t it!?

Thank goodness our little hire car was good on petrol… at this price it could have been more expensive to drive around than to catch the plane…

Part two: Auckland!  Is not far away!  And thePROJECT is still underway, with a little travel thrown in the mixer I’ve fallen rather behind!!

Mr R, 9 weeks – Melbourne Baby Photographer

This little guy has such a soulful expression.  Almost like he is full of wisdom & yet wonder all at once!

Was lovely to meet you Mum & Dad, I hope you enjoy the preview! Your full gallery is coming shortly!

Summer Photo-A-Day project – Melbourne Baby Photography

Sorry, lately the blog has been a LITTLE neglected.  I have so many sessions to share, but it’s been flat out so hopefully very shortly I’ll be sharing some more previews.

In the meantime, some of my regular blog readers will remember that last January I had a project “photo-a-day” project.  Well this year I’m being more adventurous.  A photo a day for the entire of summer!  As a photographer, I often forget or simply don’t want to take my camera out at home, or *try* to take formal portraits of my children.  Why? Basically, E-man doesn’t like the camera, and Ash, well he’s starting to follow big brother on everything, and much to my dismay, the camera is in that category.

SO, this will be my little summer project.  (little .. she says)

I hope to upload the images once a week, if more more often.  I hope you enjoy, and encourage anyone and everyone to try the same!  It’s fun!

So:  the first 6 days of Summer!