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New Zealand, Day 2 & 3 – Auckland

Day 2 saw us drive down the long way to Auckland, stopping off to look at some gorgeous scenery.

Because our trip was so short we could only spend limited time with friends, but couldn’t go to Auckland without stopping off to see these two gorgeous ladies!  Ang, I cannot believe how much she has grown!! xx

Now when I spoke last time of volcanoes, I wasn’t joking.  New Zealand is FULL of them.  In fact the North Island is practically a volcano in itself.  When I was in primary school we studied volcanoes, and I had this fantasy of HUGE mountains that explode and hot boiling lava comes out the top, and they were only in exotic places I’d never see.  Well!  Everything about them fascinates me.  And I just don’t really understand how New Zealander’s don’t freak out about them.  They have built cities around them, ON them.  And no some of them are not extinct.  Some of them are very much still erupting.  This one I believe is extinct, One Tree Hill.  When I first went to NZ we went to the summit and looked around.  This time I only passed by the base.  By the way, there was once a big tree, which got vandalised and had to be chopped down as it was dying.  So now there is only the monument left.

Yes a brick wall.  I think it’s pretty!!  It looks very old:)

The next day was the reason we came to New Zealand.  For Jaime & Katia’s wedding.

I was NOT the wedding photographer, I was a guest.  It was one of the first weddings in a long time where I was a guest!  But of course could not resist a few photographs!

I hung out on the day of the wedding with the boys getting ready.  You know what that means, I got to iron shirts!  But relaxing and resisting the urge to pick up a camera every five seconds was hard.  It’s not easy being around something you do a lot, and not actually “working”.  I tried very very very hard not to get in the way of the Photographers hired for the gig, Momentz Photography.  Their work is amazing you have to visit their blog!

Cigars continued on the way to the church!Yet another funny NZ sign…. at first I was a little taken back by it, but by the time I’d seen a few, they made me laugh…

Me & the gorgeous Sam xx

Part three coming soon!  But now be sure to see Aaron & Sarah of Momentz photography’s blog for their amazing capture of Jamie & Kate’s wedding HERE

Mr R, 9 weeks – Melbourne Baby Photographer

This little guy has such a soulful expression.  Almost like he is full of wisdom & yet wonder all at once!

Was lovely to meet you Mum & Dad, I hope you enjoy the preview! Your full gallery is coming shortly!