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Lost in a field! – Melbourne Child Photographer

One day, Child Photographer Chrissy Torney and I decided to take our (at the time) rather ratty children to a field nearby.  It made them happy to play, and made us happy to have time taking photographs of our own children!  Believe it or not, it doesn’t happen all that often (unless you count the Iphone as a camera?)

You can see Chrissy’s images here, and it does include a rather amusing one of myself – One of my last days in the famous “moonboot”.

My Boys.  <3

Finn in the great outdoors – Brisbane Baby Photographer

As I’ve mentioned before, I almost (almost) didn’t take the camera to Brisbane.  And didn’t do many “photo shoots” with Finn.  The ideas I had didn’t involve a “moonboot”.

Well then my flight was delayed by 6 hours.  And it wasn’t raining.  And we did this:

And in case you missed it, Mr Finn loves his toes.  ;)  Miss you little man x