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Mr N, 2 weeks new – Melbourne Newborn Photographer

I first met this family when Mr Z came to the studio for his newborn photography, (his newborn photos are available here!) and now he’s a big brother!  And a very proud one too!

Mr N is such a content baby, in fact it seems he likes it better with lots of noise around!  Such gorgeous hair and how could resist those gorgeous lips?

It was wonderful to see you all again, I cannot believe how much Z has grown!  I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad, your gallery is very very close!

Aidan – Sydney Newborn Photography

I have been plotting this blog post for days.  I’ve written drafts and re-written them.  Nothing works, so now I’m typing blind!

I have know Tori (Mum) since pretty much the minute I was born.  We have a ‘way cool’ photo of the two of us at around 8 months, both on our daddy’s shoulders.  My head of white blond hair, hers of dark.  I can’t count the holidays around Australia where we met up during school holidays.  And now we are adults!

Mr Aidan, what can I say.  You were terribly difficult to photograph.  Why?  I couldn’t stop giving you cuddles and pick up the camera!  Honestly, it’s terribly difficult to be a newborn photographer and be so emotionally involved!  But I did fly to Sydney to photograph you, so that I did!

You are such a gorgeous, loved, special boy… with a little angel I know is looking out for you every minute, keeping you safe.  xxx

Tori & Rob… Thank you so much for having me in Sydney photographing your little man… I miss you all!!  I hope you love the photos xxx

Mr K, 13 days new – Melbourne Newborn Photographer

This little guy was a total cutie!  A tiny bit stubborn, he was a big fan of sleeping with his hands by his cheek, and wasn’t overly impressed with the idea of of anything else, however with a little sweet talking, he happily obliged:) However very peaceful and I barely heard a peep out of him.  Obviously a big fan of his big brother, was very happy to be nursed by him!

Was lovely to meet you Mum & Dad, I hope you enjoy the preview, your gallery is moments away!

Miss A, 2 1/2 weeks & Glowing – Melbourne Baby Photography

I’m a wee bit behind on blogging, so here comes a double post!

Isn’t this little girl just the sweetest?!  She settled so fast and enjoy posing so much that she was out of the studio in an hour!  Made me almost nervous that I didn’t take any photographs it was so quick!  But here she is!

A little shout out to the amazing Amanda Keeys, who designs these beautiful hats, which are available here!

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And to part II of our post, this gorgeous couple celebrating their pregnancy with photography – I can’t wait to meet your bundle, and look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Mr L, 12 Days – Melbourne Baby Photography

When I was young, I had many injuries.  From Dance to Athletics, I did my knees, my ankles, my shins.  Well, the night before this little guys session, I tripped.  Now when I do something, I do it RIGHT.  (Well this is what I LIKE to do! -Just not when I trip)  I braced myself, and yes, ouch.  As with most times we stub our toe we wait for that pain to die off after about 15 seconds.  Well this time, it didn’t.  OH NO!

Mr L’s parents got a slightly early morning phone call before they left for the car ride, asking if we could perhaps make it the next day, as I think I’ve broken something.

Sure enough.  I had.  My big toe.  But just because I do things RIGHT.  It was in the joint.  This then meant that I needed a second opinion to see if I needed surgery.  Yep, on a toe.

I narrowly escaped the surgery (well for now, I see a surgeon next week) but found myself in a half cast, and on crutches.  Feeling mighty sorry for myself.

SO!  With the wonderful help of Miss Bec (our part time assistant) we photographed Mr L the day after.  Now you are not allowed to scroll this post quickly without admiring these eyelashes.  They were the longest a cutest lashes I have ever seen.  Mum seemed quite convinced that he was not going to like the session, as he had shown some great distaste for being undressed.  I love a mission!

(Mum & Dad, I’m listening – totally by chance! – to the Kings now!  I hope you enjoy your preview, and thanks for your patience!)

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So on a admin note:  The studio is still available for newborns, and we encourage you to call to enquire about Maternity & Baby sessions.  At this stage due to Gemma’s injury, sessions are only available in the Point Cook studio.