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Melbourne Baby Photography | Two gorgeous girls

Melbourne Baby Photography | Mother’s Day 2012

All I wanted for Mother’s Day was for the boys to agree to come into the studio and let me attempt a photo of the three of us, and a photo with Grandma!  And, that, I got!  It was a rather dreary Mother’s Day weather wise, and I have to say it’s difficult to take your own photos, but there we have it, smiles, hugs and the most important thing, lots of love!

To all Mums, I hope you had a special and wonderful day with your families xx

Melbourne Family Photography | The gorgeous J Children

Cleo | Melbourne Baby Photography

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the privilege to photograph this gorgeous family!  I have visited each child at least 4 times during their first year, so have watched them all grow for a while!

Presenting Mum her latest gallery, brought a sad but important image to her, totally by accident…  This family have two gorgeous cats (and I love cats!)  and all this time I’ve failed to get an image of the two of them together (and certainly not in the family photos!)  But in the latest session, I captured Cleo watching over our session.  It was the first image in the gallery.

I woke up this morning to this email:

“The photos are absolutely beautiful as ever.

I had a lovely surprise on opening them although it made me cry, seeing a beautiful picture of little Cleo, as sadly she had to be put to sleep last Friday, as she had a stroke which had left her back legs paralyzed.

We now have a beautiful picture of her so thank you!”

Capturing family pets is just so important, and even if it’s not the image I’d been hoping for over the years, just goes to show that the accidental ‘snapshot’ can be just so important.  RIP Cleo, and my thoughts are with the gorgeous J family xx

the project – day 14 | Melbourne Baby Photography

Usually it’s me that gets eaten alive by mosquitoes, and it doesn’t help that I’m allergic to one breed of them (yup, there’s a few, stay away from the stripy ones!)  The kids, up until this week have escaped their blood sucking path.  Eman scared me one evening at midnight, out of bed, with red dots all over him.  “Mum I’m itchy”… well perhaps the 14 bites over your arms and face might be why..

The horrible little insect got him twice on his left eye.  The next morning it was slightly less swollen, but made his already LONG eyelashes stick out straight even more.  I couldn’t resist.  They are lashes every girl dreams of..

{Every Summer, I photograph my two boys, a photo every day}