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the project – day 13 | Melbourne Baby Photography

I’m being naughty again and uploading two images!  For two years I’ve had the mini-pool in the garage waiting for the kids to be a bit older.  I’m a little paranoid around water with children, but after talking to my friend Chrissy, I could not resist.  We came home, and two hours later, the kids jumped in.  The girls raced over as well and we soon had 5 water-logged children splashing about having a ball.  Ash has always been a water-child, and hasn’t had a lot to do with water other than swimming in the bathtub or wading at the beach.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this child smile and laugh as much as he did today.  He’s so used to be in the nude for bath time that he was NOT interested in a bathing suit!  This first one was the expression on his face 99.95% of the time.  The second, the only time he wasn’t smiling, well because, there was a plane.  And the world stops for planes..

{Every Summer, I photograph my two boys, a photo every day}

Miss R, 22 months – Melbourne Child Photography

Boy Miss R was fun to photography!  She definitely kept me on my toes and was a ball of cheeky energy!

I first photographed her big sister at this age, and then Miss R at 12 days old, well she had certainly grown in between visits!  I struggled to put this preview together as I loved so many images!

Thanks for your patience Mum & Dad, I hope you enjoy your preview!!