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Project 11/11 – February

“The days are so long, but the years are so short”

Monday 11th February 2013:  We had a big weekend planned.  We were visiting “Cawol’s Farm” and then a bigger farm (Alex’s parents) So just to cheat this project, these images are actually from the Saturday 9th February and Sunday 10th February.  But really, it’s my project so I’m totally ok with that!! 

The kids were in awe the whole weekend.  We knew they were tired when they asked to play with lego inside!  We chased the dog, threw sticks for the dog, had a BBQ, fed the horses, saw the end of a bushfire as we traveled from Woodend to Chintin, learnt about cows, saw baby cows, collected eggs from chickens, rode the tractor (in E’s case, DROVE the tractor / truck) just like “real” farmers.  

I’ve picked out a few highlights, but with such a fun weekend there’s lots more so have included a slideshow for you!  Enjoy x


About Project 11/11:
I am guilty of not taking enough images of my children.  I did in the early years, hundreds and hundreds of images.  But soon it was “oh no mummy not a photo”.  And nothing to really document our lives.  Mobile phones have bigger and better cameras now, and everyone is embracing the convenience of having a camera RIGHT THERE, at every moment.  So another use for this project is to capture the everyday on the BIG camera, not just the iphone.  And it also gives a slight insight that is the ‘fun crazy chaos’ of raising two boys and my day as a photographer.

Melbourne Baby Photography | Mother and Daughter

Such special moments, just to two of them x

Melbourne Wedding Photography | Justine & Keeden

I’ve mentioned (a few times!) on the Iris Creations Photography Facebook page how much I was looking forward to photographing Justine & Keeden’s wedding.  WOW.  What a day.  I will tell you all about it when I present the full showcase of the day, however couldn’t resist a small preview!

Hope your enjoying your honeymoon, and once again congratulations! x

Babies of 2012 | Melbourne Baby Photography

2012, what a year! In fact I feel a little exhausted thinking back on it and have been looking forward to 2013.  I feel this is THE YEAR.  Many of my gorgeous family and friends feel the same way, there’s something in the air and I feel this year is going to be the best ever!

Without dwelling, 2012 also had so many amazing moments. Iris Creations moved into a gorgeous new studio, and on the Photography Awards front; whilst unexpected, did extremely well, and finished off the year as a Major Open Finalist in the People & Portrait category in the International Loupe Awards.  (5th place to be exact!)

And of course, my clients.  I have met so many GORGEOUS new little souls, who I’ve been blessed to photograph.  I used to joke about being the Melbourne Newborn Baby BOY photographer.  However 2012 saw 90% (maybe even 98%!) girls!  What’s in the water!??

So without further ado, meet the Babies of 2012!

I hope you enjoy x

Melbourne Baby Photographer | Almost Springtime

I may be getting a little ahead of myself, since Melbourne does seem to take it’s time to get to the warm weather.  (And then tends to take it away again!!)   This week there was a brief taste of what’s to come, so I took a few frames in the sunshine of the beautiful blossom that is appearing near the studio.  Have a lovely weekend everyone! x