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Gold Coast Wedding Photography | Kerensa & Link

“Hello and welcome to all that is here today, To those who don’t know me I’m that annoying little Richo and G-Day,

As we all know today the reason we are all gathered here, But if ya don’t…. your in strife so go get a beer,

From the day we first met, Link and I were destined to be a team, From which I found out who’s boss (dammit) with a black eye and a hell of a gleam,

But when two hearts so soft and caring do collide, Ive got no choice buddy… I defiantly want you on my side,

Not from the shiner-Split lip & nor what I perceived,But from the morals and respect that this man Master Link Barnett showed and received,

He was a true friend that I knew I’d have from the start,One I’ll treasure, hold and respect forever with all my heart,

We lost contact for some years till this one special day, Of which I remember so dearly & what more can I say,

Apart from the fact that I did try and go hide (shah), Work had brought us once again together, side bye side,

Then came that invite to come around for that lovely tea, To not only catch up but meet the special but stubborn K-D,

That beautiful smile and her eyes oh so deep, And as I said hey Linko….. This is the one ya definitely gotta keep,

As time went on they grew and he finally bent that knee, Shivering and shaking asked special K…. will you please marry me…”

“…Little did we know of the plans to come that we would find, And along with some very hard times to confuse and test any mind,

I could tell something was happening with a special little surprise, And holly snappin ducks**t batman…. Hey Richo meet our little Levi,

Oh Boi…. Isn’t he a Gem with those chunky little legs, But the poor little bugger has definitely got dads big boof-head,

Now to my point… Where to start lets see, Just to let both of you how proud we all are and always will be,

From those sh***y little things that continue to niggle at your mind, Just remember your love together as “one” You never again will find,

So I will ramble on cause that’s what I do… And I’m gunna any way, On how much love and respect you two have right here today,

So as I’m the little bugger with that voice oh so loud, I think I’ve got the right to speak for all of this crowd

There is no words nor reason for this tear in my eye, Apart from the the example and reason Ill explain now and why

I think it needs to be noted just what makes this day so special for me, Well lets put it this way… there is never going to be a place Id ever rather be

As one you will follow each others heart and soul, Life’s ups and downs to just keep that almighty “one” special goal

To respect and cherish each other through life and to never let go
With love and congratulations for your special day
Always and Forever Love your little mate
‘Richo’ “

(Words written by Richo, thanks for allowing your words to be shared!)

Massive thank-you to Blake Pearl, who was the best assistant anyone could ask for, your work is amazing hun! xx

Gold Coast Wedding Photography | Kerensa & Link

Very recently I had the honour to travel to the Gold Coast to photograph this gorgeous couple’s intimate wedding at North Burleigh & Miami Beach.  I can’t wait to show more from this amazing wedding, but to celebrate Good Friday as we enjoy a day of relaxing, I thought I would share a few frames of the gorgeous surroundings!

Stay tuned, more to come SOON!

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