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the PROJECT (cont) – Melbourne Baby Photography

I’m really enjoying this project!  (Although I’m not sure the children are.  Poor Eman is getting a bit tired of seeing my camera in his face all the time,  I’ve spoken to Santa about perhaps one for Christmas.. a child’s camera of course)

I wanted to keep this project very real.  So first up we have Ash, not impressed about being told to sit down in the bath.  (Cause that is worth a tantrum don’t you think?!)

Eman, having fun at the park

Then proving how much he loves the camera.  Lying down on the Guitar Hero guitar with the comments of “I’m too tired for photos” (in a VERY dramatic voice)

Ash in total posing mode,

and lastly, playing with a jack-in-the-box in his cot.

So that was this week, stay tuned for a few more catch up blog “previews” and another installment of the PROJECT.