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thePROJECT – Melbourne Baby Photography

Another installment.. Been an interesting few days weather wise!  From 39.2 degrees, to COLD and RAIN.


Having already said goodnight… someone was still playing.. I believe the bed was being used as a trampoline!


Yesterday with the help of Bec, the boys sorted out the playroom/office into just a playroom.  (Or should I say Bec did and the boys got in the way??!)  I totally LOVE the brightness of this image.  Shows how bright this room can be when I take the curtains down that prevented me from being able to work in that room during the day!


And finally, TV coma… and what matchbox toys are really for (when no one is “looking”)


Summer Photo-A-Day – Melbourne Baby Photography

Day 7.

Well this deserved it’s own post.  Why?


1) As any parent will know, getting 18 months olds to do what you ask, is not easy.  They KNOW what your saying, but still pretend they don’t.

2) As any photographer will tell you, asking your OWN CHILD, to do something is even harder.  THEN try suggesting he kiss his best friend / neighbour / future wife.  Yep not easy.

3) do both the above WITH your camera in hand.

Yep… check it out.  Not the most technically brilliant photographs in the world.  but THERE, it happened…  TWICE!