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Melbourne Baby Photography | A baby brother

Get prepared for a lot of new posts!  Now the new website is up and looking beautiful, I can finally share some of the amazing sessions I’ve had over the last few months!

At 5:41am I received a text message from one of my favorite clients with the news that little Mr W had been born! I photographed Miss H and Mum & Dad’s GORGEOUS beach wedding in Adelaide on the 11/11/11!  These are the moments of my job that are just the best.  Being there for all the amazing moments in a family’s life.  It’s hard not to start to feel like a ‘member of the family’! Congratulations again, He is just beautiful! x

Mr J – Baby Photography Melbourne

Meet Mr J, I could have photographed this little guy all day.  So sweet, and so peaceful.  He loves his cuddles, and being adored, which of course, he is..

Melbourne Baby Photography

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!  Have so many blog posts to share, so I’ll start with this one!  This lil guy was so adorable, it was difficult to work out what to share on the blog, so here he is!!

GLOW – Melbourne Maternity Photography

Being invited into a women’s life when they are expecting is really very special.  Everyone has different reason’s to capture themselves at this time in their lives.  And every reason has it’s own special essence.  Pregnancy can feel like it’s going FOREVER.  But, it’s 9 months.  in the scheme of things that’s not that long!

This gorgeous lady, is celebrating her 3rd pregnancy, and chose to do-so with her first maternity shoot.   I have to say, you look AMAZING!  I can’t believe this is your 3rd baby!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum, and I hope you enjoyed the time with just you & baby!