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We all have friends we are proud of, but I have a friend who I think tops it all off, Natalie. I’ve known Nat’s family all my life.
Nat is 21 and Nat participated in the World’s Greatest Shave. She didn’t just die her hair. She went for the big one. Oh yes, she did!
So, a little of the background – in Nat’s own words…
It all started last May when Dad wanted to get back into running so he decided to go to the GP for a check-up as he had a few niggles. Apart from a sore foot, he wanted to check on his tiredness and shortness of breath. Routine blood tests were prescribed and the next thing we know he is referred to a haematologist. More blood tests, followed by a bone marrow biopsy, and he has gone from being anaemic to having AML.When he asked why(?)/how(?), he was told it was a “random accident”.

The only treatment available was aggressive Chemotherapy. He was told he would need 4-6 months of treatment – a month in hospital followed by a couple of weeks at home to recuperate, then this process is repeated a minimum of two more times. The month in hospital consists of a week of aggressive chemo which is designed to wipe out his good cells as well as the bad; two weeks of intense monitoring when his immune system reaches non-existent and therefore he is prone to infection, followed by a week waiting for his levels to rise to an acceptable stage so he is allowed to go home.

He was first admitted into Peter MacCallum on Thursday, November 12. He is currently on his third (and hopefully final) session in hospital. The great news is he has been told he is in remission and the current treatment is classified as “consolidation”.

Of course the main objective of the shave is to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

If you would like to show your support for both me and my amazing dad, donations will be gratefully accepted.

Nat’s event, was an emotionally filled event.  We stood around the pool..
…shared a drink, laugh and a “snag” from the BBQ… Then came the time. Firstly, a family friend (who is a hairdresser) set up to prep her hair, to be sold (to raise money as well) and then came the time. Russell, took up the electric razor. It was Nat’s mission for Russell to be the one to do it, and with tears and smiles (and a few beers!) Nat became a hero!
She has already raised an AMAZING amount, however with the event still collecting, I’d love give the opportunity to all my amazing blog readers to donate to this amazing cause as well. I have set up the following division of Paypal to accept donations on Nat’s behalf.  Any amount goes to an amazing cause!
And now, some gorgeous portraits of a stunning girl…
So, just in case you missed the button before here it is:)
Nat – you are a total star, and you look GORGEOUS xxxx