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thePROJECT – December 16th

Kinder graduation #2, from long day care which he attended once a week.  They made these cute hats and he was very excited!

{Every day of Summer, I photograph my two boys, one photo every day}

thePROJECT – December 15th

Trying to photograph the details of one’s gorgeous curls is not easy.  Especially outside.

{Every day of Summer, I photograph my two boys, one photo every day}

The Spring Sessions PT I – Melbourne Family Photography

Last weekend, my beloved Mother Nature didn’t really care that I had plans.  I had some of my favourite clients, and some lovely new clients visiting for our first ever mini-session event.  Our Spring edition.   She though it would be funny to be COLD, and WET.  And when the sun did shine it was WINDY!

“Mini-Sessions” is an event we are hoping to run every year, each season.  Perfect for children who are growing so fast, and with the blink of an eye they will celebrating their 18th birthdays! (Getting ahead of myself there)

Never-the-less, as soon as the rain eased, we would dash outside for a little while (what was more confusing was it raining while the sun was out!)

Part II coming soon!
(To all families, thank-you for coming & having fun! It was wonderful to meet you / see you all again, I cannot believe how much the children have grown!)