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Mr J – 1 year – Melbourne Baby Photography

Belated preview for Mr J!  This little guy is so soulful, and serious.. but has the most gorgeous smile..  I’ve photographed him a few times, and I think this was the most fun for him, getting to pull apart a birthday cake!

I hope you enjoy your preview Mum & Dad!

210609monro-7untitled-22210609monro-9untitled-11trash the cake

Baby in a box & basket – Melbourne Baby Photography

A good thing about being unwell, I’m at home more, and able to get some training in…. Must keep baby happy in front of camera…. Must not let him be like his old brother and run away from the camera screaming…


Even if I do ruin nice photos with forgetting to clean his running nose…. oops!

In the Garden – Melbourne Baby Photography

A few of my youngest, because he is THE most gorgeous baby boy ever ;)  (just not at 5am, but I didn’t tell you that! shhhhh!)


Miss E, 6 months – Melbourne Baby Photographer

Walking into my clients house for this session was an absolute treat!  Not only did I get to see Miss E’s older brother, who I photographed at the same age about 2 years ago, but the furniture!  I’m a tad partial to vintage style fabrics and furnishings.. as you can see in the accompanying images!  Miss E was a joy to photograph, put on a show of various facial expressions and poses for me!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad!


Miss P, 10 Days – Newborn Photographer Melbourne

I photographed Miss P’s big brother when he was also 10 days old, and then over the first year.  So I was very excited to hear Mum was expecting again, and even more excited when she told me baby was a girl!  I have to say P’s name is also going on my list of favorite girls names, never know, I may yet have a girl!

Miss P was a very good girl for me, slept beautifully for our session – I even caught a smile, but she did like to poke her tongue out!!  I can’t wait to watch her grow over the next 12 months!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad!