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There’s a baby in our house…

And no, not the “real” variety (as my youngest would say, ‘Mummy I want a REAL baby, a PERSON baby.’)

Introducing “Baby Doctor”.  My son’s 5th birthday present.  (He lost on the REAL baby, and happy with second best, a baby RABBIT) Yes he loves Doctor Who.  And you can just guess what the hutch is called – (if your a doctor who fan anyway!!) Yes, your right.  The TARDIS.

Baby Doctor is just gorgeous.  Loves to be held, and when I open his hutch jumps up for a cuddle.  So far the cats aren’t TOO fazed by the newcomer.  In fact I’m not sure if Sebbie (13 years old) is scared, babysitting or looking at Baby Doctor like an old man… “oh you are a stupid kitten… look at you”..

Enjoy x

Mr M, 8 months – Melbourne Baby Photographer

Ready for a large post!?  I could have put every simple image of this session in a post, however I have to keep some secrets just for his parents!  I met Mr. M for his Christening Photography, and here he is again, for a formal portrait session.  We ventured out, firstly to an unlikely photography location, to the beloved canola field and then in the studio.  This little guy is just adorable, cheeky one minute, soulful the next, then grinning from ear to ear.    Little man, your mother is right, you are just “so damn cute!”