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Spring Sessions Part II – Melbourne Baby Photographer

Welcome to Part II of our Spring Mini sessions!

Again, thank you to the gorgeous families who attended our first round of mini-sessions!  I hope you enjoy your preview 🙂

Finn in the great outdoors – Brisbane Baby Photographer

As I’ve mentioned before, I almost (almost) didn’t take the camera to Brisbane.  And didn’t do many “photo shoots” with Finn.  The ideas I had didn’t involve a “moonboot”.

Well then my flight was delayed by 6 hours.  And it wasn’t raining.  And we did this:

And in case you missed it, Mr Finn loves his toes.  😉  Miss you little man x

4 months – Brisbane Baby Photography

This may be hard to believe, but I was very close to not taking my camera at all, to my recent trip to Brisbane.  In fact, until 5 minutes before I was leaving for the airport, I didn’t have it in my bag at all.  It was sitting on the table staring at me.  I even tweeted about not taking it, and how empowered that felt.  WOW.  I was going to have 6 days of no camera.  A minute after feeling empowered, I felt lost, so in went the camera and ONE lens.  MINIMAL.

Why wasn’t I going to take the camera?  The foot.  Well of course, I’m glad I did, but still think it’s rather amusing that darling Finn was very similar to my own two boys.  Full of smiles until I bring out the big black camera.  Then the smiles will suddenly disappear.  (unless I’m using the IPhone camera, or the compact snap camera)

But Finn was rather serious while I was there.  There were other things to concentrate on, like his Christening, teething, catching his toes & wind pain.  Yep the poor little man had some pretty nasty bouts of it.  But still, he’s adorable is he not??

Here are a few images of the 4 month old 🙂

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Yes there are more to come 🙂  hehe 😉

All about Finn!

Last week I was lucky.  I got to escape the cold & winter of Melbourne, and spend 6 days in sunny Brisbane.  Did the weather put on a nice show?  Sure did!  28 one day, and beautiful sunshine for the Saturday – which hosted a special day for a very special little man.  Mr Finn, on his 4 month ‘birthday’ had his Christening/Naming Day/Welcoming Ceremony/Dedication.  And I became officially his Godmother!  So not proud am I??

His ‘gown’ was a vintage find from the 1940’s, and Rod, who married Finn’s Parents & Aunt & Uncle, led the beautiful yet simple ceremony to officially welcome Finn to the world, and uncle Blake & I as his Godparents.

Now I have to admit, I’m not responsible for these images.. (except if there is a cake in the photo and a couple of others) Morgan (currently studying film at Queensland Collage of Film & Televison) saw my camera, went gooey-eyed over it, so who could deny letting him capture the day?!  And I think I can safely say that he has done an amazing job.  Not to mention that for once, I was in FRONT of the camera.  Now that is slightly rare!  So if the career in film doesn’t work out Morgan, let me know… 😉


And yes, there are more Finn photos to come, of course….

Mr Finn, Day 15 – Brisbane Baby Photography

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