Newborn Photography

Kilmore Newborn Photographer

Newborns and babies are, quite simply, Gemma’s little muses.  Their purity and individuality is what creates pure art.  The opportunity to capture new life and to celebrate such a momentous occasion in your family’s life is an amazing thing.

Gemma combines her natural way with newborn babies and her photographic talent to create portraits unique to your baby, photography you and further generations will treasure forever.

Newborn Photography sessions can be booked in advance (highly recommended) noting your due date.  Once your baby is born, we book your session.  Generally Newborn Photography sessions are help during the week, ar around 10am.  Weekends are available, however may be booked out in advance.  If your baby is being born via C-section or induction, we can book your session prior to your baby being born.

All newborn sessions (unless prior arranged) are held in Gemma’s dedicated baby photography studio, located in Kilmore.  The perfect age?  As soon as mum feels ready, the younger the better.  The perfect age for newborn photography is around 6-10 days.  All images in the newborn gallery on the website are babies under 14 days of age.  However if your baby is older, please do not feel discouraged.  All babies are beautiful and precious and each photography session is individual.  Gemma has photographed babies up to 12 weeks with the same ‘newborn’ style.  These sessions are approached differently, with different expectations and are always beautiful.

Another favourite age for baby photography is 6-8 months, when baby is sitting, smiling and starting to get a little cheeky!  Please see our Baby Photography  page for more information.

Newborn Photography sessions are all about simplicity.  For baby, s/he will be photographed in their beautiful bare skin, and for parents we suggest simple colours, white or black.  A change of clothes for everyone is recommended as a healthy baby will make a mess at times!  I always encourage sentimental items to be photographed with baby, such as old teddies, blankets etc.

Most props and blankets featured on the website are available at the studio.