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New York City – part I

“I wanna be a part of it, New York… NEW YORK!”

Well, I’m not in Australia.  Yep!  I’m in the BIG APPLE!  Friends and family back home ask “So how’s New York?”  To be honest, the only response I can come up with is…. CRAZY.

We’ve been here for 3 days now and I’m already exhausted!  First night we popped out for a celebratory glass of wine that we’d survived the VERY long flights here.  And after a big sleep-in, headed out with no plans.  Of course a few blocks from our hotel was the flashing lights of Times Square.  WOW.  It’s CRAZY!!!   After a well needed coffee at Starbucks (honestly we are yet to find decent coffee…) we journeyed off to find the pub that was the inspiration for “How I met your mother”.  We sat for a while in this beautiful old bar and had dinner, and even watched some baseball.

Sunday was the day Alex had his conference, so NY was all mine!  The only plan I had made for our stay in NY was today.  I booked a ticket to the last show of the New York City Ballet’s Spring season.  It was a triple bill and the last number was an American Ballet called “Stars and Stripes” which I thought was essential being in America.  Well it was one of the best ballet’s I’ve seen.  For a 30 min piece, I swear these dancers dance more than in a full length show!  Truly amazing!

After catching up with a friend I haven’t seen since my adventures in Europe it was off to bed to much needed rest to tackle another day in the city that never sleeps!!  Here’s a few moments from our first few days… (all taken on the iphone 5)

Pretty Fairies in Tamworth

Back to our trip to Tamworth for a moment 😉

One of the best things about friends being photographers, (and having the most gorgeous children) is an outing to somewhere pretty and having fun with the cameras.  With the youngest two in fairy-dresses, it was a photographers delight – with gorgeous light to boot.  Amanda’s four girls are all just magic in front of the camera.  Each so different in personality.  Honestly I could photography them all day every-day.  And it’s no wonder Amanda does!  (You must check out her beautiful blog HERE!)

Something for photographers: If you didn’t already know, Amanda also produces a variety of Actions for Photoshop and Presets for Lightroom.  Whilst I generally use my own creations,  I adore Amanda’s Actions and have used such in this blog post 🙂

More from Tamworth coming soon xx

Tamworth – part II

More from our whirlwind trip to Tamworth to visit Amanda and her family.  I’ll be honest, most of these (actually all baring one or two!) were taken on the iPhone, yep I’m a sucker for the iphone, and a lover of Instagram.   I love how moments from everyday life can be captured so easily.  And lets face it, what’s a holiday without a few iPhone “selfies” 😉  enjoy! x


The Road to Tamworth – part I

Term 1 of school went super quickly!  Feels like only yesterday we were putting names on pens and pencils and buying a new lunchbox!  All of a sudden it’s Easter holidays!  We decided to take a BIG road-trip.  One of my bestest photography friends Amanda moved to Tamworth from Sydney just over two years ago, and I haven’t been able to “catch up” with her since we photographed a wedding together in Wollongong.  So off we went.

On Easter Sunday we left home around 1pm and got into West Wyalong for the night just after 9pm.  For Easter I made the boys each a Brair Bunny, (although finishing them in the car I put the heads on incorrectly, but shhhh! don’t tell the boys!) and they were a hit.  E named his Lucus Parker and Ash named his Jackson.  We found some great parks along the way for the boys to play and stretch our legs, and all in all, for 9 hours of adventure, we had a pretty different and nice Easter!

Some scenes from day one!