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Carlton Gardens Engagement Photography | Lee Yen & Gary

Lee Yen told me they didn’t like photographs.  I think she was lying ;)  This gorgeous couple have been very busy with study, work and travel that we very almost didn’t find a date we could hold their engagement shoot!  We were all very excited for this session to also include their baby, who unfortunately wouldn’t be allowed at their wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley.  And may I just say, THE most behaved puppy ever??!  Very excited to be sharing their amazing day at Stones very soon! x

Montsalvat Wedding Photography | Amy & Dan

Get ready for an epic post! As I said in their engagement photography post, “Amy and Dan are one of those couples who just ooze romance, love and fun”, and well, their wedding could almost be said to be themed around such!  What an amazing day… Honestly this is one of those weddings where I’m lost for words to describe it, so I’ll simply let the images do the talking!  Congratulations Amy & Dan, certainly a wedding to remember! xx

Krissy & Ivan | Encore St Kilda Wedding Photography Melbourne

I’ve known Krissy for almost 15 years and was so excited when she called to say that Ivan had proposed and would I photograph their wedding!
Krissy & Ivan met at a mutual friend’s 21st birthday party.  They were on a jumping castle.  Yep!  How cool is that!?? They have been together for 10 years, when last Christmas, Ivan asked Krissy to marry him.
Now for most Australian’s (ok mainly Victorian’s) Grand Final weekend is a big one.  Well, it was much bigger for these two lovebirds!  Two ceremony’s and the party of all parties at Encore in St Kilda.  I mentioned on our Facebook page that their wedding weekend was EPIC, and well, it was!
The first civil ceremony was under the amazing ‘Dome’ on Collins St, Melbourne.  Now normally the city can be a little difficult to navigate on a weekend, however not on Grand Final day.  It felt almost like a ghost town!  We went on a little journey around the city for our photos, whilst listening/watching to the grand final on one of the groomsman’s mobiles.  (I was super happy, he was not so much… yes you guessed right, I’m a Hawthorn supporter!)  We completed our adventure back at Encore in St Kilda, where we chilled out to watch the final quarter of the football and relax before the party started.  The reception was a wonderful celebration with photos of their parents and grandparents weddings, and few rounds of Macedonian dancing! Their first dance was AMAZING, and choreographed by Krissy’s sister and head bridesmaid, Trish.

The next morning was the traditional Macedonian Orthodox ceremony, followed by a lunch with close family & friends.
Congratulations Krissy & Ivan, it was a wonderful weekend!  We had a ball with you both x


Krissy & Ivan’s Wedding Team

Brides Dress | Brides of Melbourne

Bridesmaids Dresses | Swish

Grooms Suits | Spurling Myre

Car Hire | Exotic Car Hire

Ceremony | The Dome

Reception | Encore, St Kilda

Amy & Dan | St Andrews Market Engagement Photography

When Amy and Dan arrived to discuss their wedding photography and I saw her floral Doc Martins, I knew we’d get along.  I had the same beloved Doc’s in a different colour.  When they left (after chatting for two hours) I said to Alex, “If they don’t hire us to shoot their wedding, I hope they invite us!”  Amy and Dan are one of those couples who just ooze romance, love and fun.  Whilst we chatted at our meeting they mentioned their favorite place to go on the weekends was the St Andrews Market and describing it I exclaimed what an awesome place for their pre-wedding shoot that would be.  So there we went!  They brought along Dan’s other ‘baby’ – his awesome vintage car.  The sun was shining, it was  stunning Spring day and all round it was a fun morning full of laughs.  Cannot wait for their wedding this coming November, I can tell it’s going to be something pretty epic:)

Kellie & Neil | St Kilda Botanical Gardens Wedding Photography

Words – the beautiful bride herself xx

Neil and I (and my then puppy chaperone Frankie) met through RSVP and hit it off straightaway. Frankie approved of Neil too – which made it even better! We had been together a year and knew we were going to get married. When my birthday arrived, I was disappointed that Neil didn’t propose. As it turned out, 3 days later he took me to Hellenic Republic for my birthday and popped the question. We were elated – the newly engaged period is just one giant bubble of happiness and love. We are the type of couple that believe that life should be fun (most of the time). We are spontaneous, laid back and tend to just go with the flow.

We love “our children”. We have a little girl called “Poppy” and she is a Maltese- shit zhu and “Frankie” who is a cavoodle. We do just about everything with our fur babies, including dining out, going to the park and playing on the slide (yep – we love our dogs! ). This is why it was vital that Frankie and Poppy played such a huge part of our wedding day.

We loved the simplicity of our wedding which was totally low fuss. In preparing for our wedding, we got caught in the complexities of preparing a wedding and it got so out of hand for us, that we realised it wasn’t what we really wanted. We believed that our impending marriage was about us and the love and life that we share. So this led us to the decision to elope. We asked Gemma and Alex if they could witness our vows as well as be our photographers. We were elated when they accepted. On our wedding day, Neil, Alex, Gemma, Lee (our make up and hair pro), Frankie, Poppy and I had a ball in getting ready in the morning. While I was being glammed up, Neil had some jazz tunes playing. We were feasting on eggs and bacon to keep our bellies happy. Gemma was wiring up the flowers in preparing my gorgeous bouquet- all the while we were joking around and having a barrel of laughs. My beautiful friend Krysti popped by and dressed me – I’m so glad she was there, it was lovely to have such love and happiness in our home on our special day. We had such a lovely time that morning, that we were an hour late for our wedding!

Even though we were feeling stressed driving from Doreen to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens, we still had a bit of fun. It was funny when the locals were staring at us as we collected our balloons. I recall on the drive feeling really bad for our celebrant, I had to break that feeling some how, so we ended up singing in the car to “bootylicious” and “say my name” by Destiny’s child. When we got to the gardens, we eventually found a park – our trip to the rose garden was entertaining. I was struggling in my high heels and wrangling two dogs. Neil had the chairs and signing table to manage (of which he dropped due to nerves!).

So by the time we met our forgiving celebrant, Andrew Redman (an absolute star on our day) saw that we were anxious, he calmed us down and reminded us why we were there and that all was ok. We all breathed a sigh of relief. A little girl of probably about 3-4 years of age stopped by the rotunda with her dad. She was staring at me wide eyed and beaming as though she was looking at a sparkly princess. She held her hands together and beamed a distinguishable “CONGRATULATIONS!” That memory I will always hold close, it was just so beautiful. She really made me feel beautiful. We then proceeded to our ceremony. Whilst reading the vows we had written and being declared husband and wife, there were tears of pure happiness and joy.

We had a fabulous afternoon – I finally learned that posing for photos is actually hard work lol. It was fantastic having Gemma and Alex there. They are both so relaxed and fun to be around, that it was literally, a gorgeous sunny afternoon of hanging out with our friends, fur babies and taking pictures. Gemma and Alex are just so easy to relate to and this makes the world of a difference, because it meant that we could actually enjoy having our pictures taken, we could be ourselves and have fun rather than be stressed out running to a tight schedule.
We headed out our way afterwards and had a lovely lunch at our local restaurant. If we thought the morning was fun, it really kicked off here! The food, champagne and company were fantastic. We were so full that we couldn’t even have dessert!

Afterwards, we headed off to our local hilltop park which overlooks the horizon of our semi- rural suburb, Doreen. Just in time for the sunset, we took some lovely pictures in our beautiful hometown. To top that off, we had a play on the playground equipment and some photos of that too!

We then headed home and popped a bottle of verve cliquot and munched on a wicked combination of chocolates, lollies, cheese, dip, wine and sparkles. It was really funny when Gemma and Alex came up with the idea of hanging out “just hitched” bunting on our front porch. They took a funny photo of us imitating our dogs at our front window! Our neighbours popped around and we celebrated over more wine. We kept the bunting on our porch for 2 weeks and were congratulated by many over those 2 weeks.

We had such a memorable day full of beauty, love, friendship and joy. We are ever so thankful for our friends, Gemma and Alex and our celebrant Andrew Redman for being involved with our wedding. Gemma did such a beautiful job with our flowers – thank you so much! We thank the team at Anna Campbell for my beautiful dress, the local surf shop for my Haviannas, spotlight for our yellow car ribbon and the puppy couture team for Frankie’s bow tie and Poppy’s dress. We thank Shannen from Artistic Blooms for our big balloons and Donna and Paul from Appret Cafe for our awesome brekkie. Thank you Krysti for dressing me and crying for me, Thank you Kate, Ollie, Susan and Holly for popping by our place. We cannot speak highly enough of all involved, it would not have been such a memorable day if it hadn’t been for you.

I asked Gemma to be our photographer within days of being engaged. There was no way we were going to get married without Gemma there. Gemma is not only a kindered spirit, but she has an eye for not only capturing photos, but memories, moments and emotions. Through her photography, she knows how to tell the story and capture the finer details that mean so much to make your wedding day so special. She also does an amazing job with wedding bouquets and flowers. Working alongside Alex, you have the benefit of two of the most creative, spontaneous, personable and fun photographers. So for what you have done for us Gemma and Alex – we cannot thank you enough!


From Alex & I, MASSIVE congratulations!!  It was an amazing day and such an honour to be a part of this new chapter in your lives.  Lots of love xx