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thePROJECT 2013 – Day Sixteen

One day I will learn that when doing a ‘photo a day’ project to ALWAYS carry the camera.  One day.  But not today.  Off we went on a walk to pre-school, where everyday we pass the fire station.  Today, the doors were open (in preparation to head out to help on a few pesky fires no doubt) when Ash noticed a fireman at the front of one of the trucks.  He waved to Ash (who was in awe) and Ash yelled out “what are you doing to the firetruck!?”  So Rob, the very nice fireman invited him over to have a look at the trucks!  Then offered for him to sit in one!

(now what four and a half year old would say no!?)  Once up there he got a little scared (they are very high!)  But out came the trusty iPhone, and here we are.  A fireman for 5 minutes:D

Note to self: TAKE THE CAMERA WITH YOU!! (Even if I am rather impressed with this iPhone image!)

thePROJECT 2013 – Day Fifteen


thePROJECT 2013 – Day Fourteen

Just like most boys (and I’m sure a lot of girls)  E is obsessed with ‘Minecraft’.  To be honest I have no idea what the aim of this game is but he’s rather obsessed.

I’m glad Santa is clever and got the boys headphones;)

thePROJECT 2013 – Day Thirteen

Pure fun.  I love his giggles.  They melt my heart!

thePROJECT 2013 – Day Twelve

After school E requested to play chess.  For a 6 year old I think he’s pretty good!  Even beat Papi (with a little help from Alex & I!)