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My three | Newborn Photography Melbourne

They say there is such a thing as ‘photographer child’s syndrome’.  I believe this is true.  I cannot tell you how many frames I took of the boys with their sister this day.  It was a lot.  It was worth it.

Arlette 8 days | Newborn Photography Melbourne

(… And a kitten who’s feeling a little jealous of the new arrival!)

We would like to introduce you too…..

It is with great excitement that Alex & I announce the birth of our daughter Arlette Rosalie Mary Dewar. Born on the 15th July, weighing 6 pounds 7.

As some of my lovely clients know, it was a rough pregnancy and our little one had a rocky start to this world, requiring a short stay in Special Care.  Affectionately nicknamed “Diva”, Arlette already has us wrapped around her little finger and is slowly learning the demands of being a photographer’s daughter!

Ask any baby photographer and most will say, that posing and taking photographs of your own baby is not easy.  I found it almost impossible!  I started out with so many ideas that I wanted to do, dreamed up so many beautiful images while I was pregnant.  Forgetting my own number one rule with newborns.  THEY decide what images they want of themselves!  So with this in mind I let Arlette practically posed herself, I just gently persuaded in some areas of course;)

I remain on Maternity leave, however we look forward to returning to the studio to continue capturing beautiful memories for our clients very soon! In the meantime, here is the start of many images  – our dear Arlette in her first week xx

thePROJECT – October 2013


Well folks, I’ve changed the way I do my personal project AGAIN.  Project 11/11 seemed like an awesome idea, capturing the everyday, one day a month.  However choosing a specific day didn’t really work if I didn’t have the boys with me that day!  I will admit the ‘Photo-a-day” over summer, (AKA thePROJECT) is also hard for the same reason.   SO.  NOW I will do a monthly post of images:)

This is also coming when I have decided that it’s my goal to take some time out each week to FINALLY sort images of my OWN children.  I have the most fantastic storage system for my beautiful clients.  But if I wanted to find an image of Eman at age 4, I would be struggling via folders upon folders upon folders.  At least until earlier this year.  So they will FINALLY be sorted, and I can FINALLY produce my own photo albums! (7 years late, but hey, good things take time right??!)

So Welcome!  This is our October.  I did of course choose to do this half way into the month, so there’s not the ‘essential’ images I have decided will be included, and  I will be trying to add images of the fur-babies too, cause after all they are part of the family too!  Hope your October was full of fun and happy memories:)x

New York City – part I

“I wanna be a part of it, New York… NEW YORK!”

Well, I’m not in Australia.  Yep!  I’m in the BIG APPLE!  Friends and family back home ask “So how’s New York?”  To be honest, the only response I can come up with is…. CRAZY.

We’ve been here for 3 days now and I’m already exhausted!  First night we popped out for a celebratory glass of wine that we’d survived the VERY long flights here.  And after a big sleep-in, headed out with no plans.  Of course a few blocks from our hotel was the flashing lights of Times Square.  WOW.  It’s CRAZY!!!   After a well needed coffee at Starbucks (honestly we are yet to find decent coffee…) we journeyed off to find the pub that was the inspiration for “How I met your mother”.  We sat for a while in this beautiful old bar and had dinner, and even watched some baseball.

Sunday was the day Alex had his conference, so NY was all mine!  The only plan I had made for our stay in NY was today.  I booked a ticket to the last show of the New York City Ballet’s Spring season.  It was a triple bill and the last number was an American Ballet called “Stars and Stripes” which I thought was essential being in America.  Well it was one of the best ballet’s I’ve seen.  For a 30 min piece, I swear these dancers dance more than in a full length show!  Truly amazing!

After catching up with a friend I haven’t seen since my adventures in Europe it was off to bed to much needed rest to tackle another day in the city that never sleeps!!  Here’s a few moments from our first few days… (all taken on the iphone 5)