Project 11/11 – March

 “The days are so long, but the years are so short”

Monday 11th March : In Melbourne, we are in one of those horrible over 30 degrees heatwaves.  It feels like it will never end!  So with 11/11 falling on a public holiday, we had a lazy day.  We cooked breakfast, checked on the herb garden before the weather got too hot (and someone ‘planted’ a football…. not sure why really), the cat had a run-in with spray paint (don’t ask!)  so had to have a haircut (poor thing, she was just growing back the fur from her injury), we watched several movies lazing on the couch while I knitted (cute bunnies for Easter, pattern by the AMAZING Amanda Keeys – if you enjoy knitting you must check out her shop HERE!).  The boys ‘got bored’ so we built a cubby house (quite a highlight as we were allowed in mummy’s office, and used studio gear to built it….)

The last image was actually taken today, however the damage was done last night, a mozzie decided to make the boys room a kitchen.  Poor Ash got the grunt of it.  6 bites on his face, and today he’s known as ‘one-eyed Jack’.

About Project 11/11:
I am guilty of not taking enough images of my children.  I did in the early years, hundreds and hundreds of images.  But soon it was “oh no mummy not a photo”.  And nothing to really document our lives.  Mobile phones have bigger and better cameras now, and everyone is embracing the convenience of having a camera RIGHT THERE, at every moment.  So another use for this project is to capture the everyday on the BIG camera, not just the iphone.  And it also gives a slight insight that is the ‘fun crazy chaos’ of raising two boys and my day as a photographer.

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