Project 11/11 – August

Inspired by El Hogan, a photographer collegue in Brisbane, I am undertaking a personal project which I’m calling 11/11. To take 11 images of the “everyday” on the 11th of the month. I will admit that most are doing this project on the 10th, but I have always preferred the number 11, so why not!

El was inspired by this quote, and I think it’s a great theme for this project!

“The days are so long, but the years are so short”

I am guilty of not taking enough images of my children.  I did in the early years, hundreds and hundreds of images.  But soon it was “oh no mummy not a photo”.  And nothing to really document our lives.  Mobile phones have bigger and better cameras now, and everyone is embracing the convenience of having a camera RIGHT THERE, at every moment.  So another use for this project is to capture the everyday on the BIG camera, not just the iphone.  And it also gives a slight insight that is the ‘fun crazy chaos’ of raising two boys and my day as a photographer!

So here you have my first entry. I did actually start this project last month, however being the day before we moved, and unfortunately that evening my beautiful grandmother passed away, I haven’t looked at the images, and didn’t finish the day as I was spending a lot of time on the phone. So August officially starts the 11/11 project!

Saturday 11th August: The morning started VERY early for me, who rose at 4am to watch the Pole Vault Final on the olympics. Around 5am, the boys woke up at the sound of the TV and we all dozed on the couch for a few hours. I woke up to the boys making train tracks around our kitchen Island. It was clean up day (hahaha) and we pottered around the house doing bits and pieces, when Papi popped in with some pretty flowers for me!
We played Harry Potter, (I drew Harry scars on the boys, and Ash decided to take it a few steps further..) bay-blades and chased cats under the bed, before heading off to our dear friends house around the corner.
Once home, E showed both Papi and I how much his reading has improved in the last few months, and Ash watched his Lego movies on the ipod before going for a much anticipated sleep-over at Papi’s…

Hope you enjoy!  x


el - So lovely Gemma! Great to have a glimpse into your day! Look forward to following along with you xoxo

Mum - gorgeous – I will look forward to the middle of each month to see the every days xx

Kristine Ryan - what an awesome idea!!! I may have to take this project on as well. I am also guilty of not capturing the every day – and that’s the best part!

Tracy - Great memories here of a lovely day with your family.

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