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Melbourne Baby Photography | Two gorgeous girls

Melbourne Child Photographer | Autumn fun

Like most, one of my fondest memories of childhood was autumn leaves.  The colour, the immense joy of throwing them in the air, watching them float down and just being close to nature and it’s circle of life.  Watching my two boys and my Godson Finn play in the leaves in Woodend was just amazing.  Not sure who was smiling and laughing more.  The kids, or us adults watching on, and lets face it, WANTING to join in!  And for the record, yes the dog was jumping up higher than the kids are tall!

Melbourne Baby Photography | Baby Sister

On New Years Eve, I received an email titled “Surprise!”  I was so excited to hear that baby number 3 was on her way!  Dad found out at the ultrasound, mum didn’t.  I have no idea how you could possible have kept that secret!  But, Mum was kept in the dark and  surprise!  A little girl … Meet little Miss, with the more gorgeous cheeks I’ve ever seen xx

Newborn Photographer | Sweetness

Melbourne Baby Photography | Baby Austin

To say I’ve been excited to photograph this little guy is an understatement!  Such a gorgeous little man, I cannot wait to watch you grow with your loving older sisters!  xx