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Baby Photography Melbourne | Mr L, 3 weeks

Without a doubt, that the award for the best newborn hair goes to… Mr L!  This little guy was just so perfect, and not only does his hair take the prize, those lips were just adorable!  Congrats Mum & Dad, he’s beautiful!

In Love – Daniel & Sarah | Geelong Engagement Photography

Life can be bliss, life can also be cruel.  Life can roll along without any hurdles, or life can throw a curve call.  While Daniel and Sarah celebrate the bliss and excitement of getting engaged, life has also brought a little obstacle and a new battle to fight.

However I am very sure that their strength and love will see them through this scary, emotional time, as will the support from their family & friends, both here and overseas.   I hope these put a big smile on your face!

Congratulations again, and all the best over the next few months xx

Newborn Photography | Samuel Mason

Oh, beautiful baby boy, how you are loved, both here on Earth and in Heaven xx

Newborn Photographer | The Little Details

Melbourne Family Photography | Two Handsome Little Men