the project – day 12 | Melbourne Baby Photographer

Today we surprised the boys with a visit from our friend Bec, who lived with us for over a year when the boys were smaller.  Every time they see a plane, Ash will ask if Bec is on that plane.  On Friday driving down to Geelong, we passed the freeway exit to Avalon airport and they asked if we were picking up Bec.  Well weren’t they surprised this morning when in walked that very person!

I had worked hard all morning to darken the house, so the harsh sun today wouldn’t heat up the house too much, had the cooling and 3 fans pumping the cooler air around, as the temperature soared to 42 degrees (107.6 for those in the states!)  Of course Bec loves the heat and somehow convinced us to leave the comfort of the cool house to go for coffee, which is after all something we did a lot!

I have cheated today, and will be posting two images on the page on FACEBOOK, however for here, here’s my favorite of Eman and his iced chocolate.

{Every Summer, I photograph my two boys, a photo every day}

Sharon Mallin - He is so very handsome Gemma!

Jennifer Stocks - He is just the cutest little thing ever! hope you had a fab time with Bec!

Kylie - Oh gosh – isn’t he just a spunk! Yummo to the iced chocolate on a hot day!

Kristen Cook - He is such a gorgeous little man!

Josette - I’m so glad you said iced chocolate…I can’t imagine drinking a hot beverage in heat like that. You have a super photogenic boy.

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