the project – day 10

In Melbourne we’re in the middle of a heatwave, yesterday it reached 34 where we live, which isn’t too bad, but we have a few more days to go!  Our evaporative cooling struggles if the heat is blown in by a northerly wind due to the position of our home.  The boys played quietly for most of the day (however decided, since it was hot, that it was time to play in costumes, so the famous spiderman made an appearance after a few months off!)  and Ash was scooting around on the floor on his back after realising it was too hot to be in costume…  I chased him around with the camera, and managed to get a natural smile as he laughed infectiously!

{Every Summer, I photograph my two boys, a photo every day}

Jennifer Stocks - My god, how much is he growing! Insanity I tell you! He is also gorgeous!

Kristen Cook - Oh my…. who is this giant child?? I don’t even recognise him! So cute!

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