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Miss A, 10 days new – Melbourne Baby Photography

Miss A is the third baby I’ve photographed for this family!  So sweet she hardly made a peep whilst I visited them.  She has a very proud brother and sister helping Mum & Dad look after her!

Mum it was wonderful to see you all again, I’m very much looking forward to capturing Miss A as she grows! xx

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Miss I – Melbourne Baby Photography

WOW!  I can’t believe how terribly behind in blogging I am!  So many gorgeous little babies and beautiful bellies to share!

However I couldn’t go another day without blogging this gorgeous little girl, as I know there are many family & friend’s overseas who are anxiously waiting to meet her!  Thanks for your patience Mum!  I hope you enjoy!

Mason Paul Francis Nation (please note – sensitive content)

This is probably the hardest blog post I’ve ever put together.

I can’t tell you, bree, how many times my heart has ached, and I’ve realised the tears have fallen.

Eight months ago, Bree discovered she and Kayne were pregnant. The usual emotions of surprise were felt, anxiety, excitement, love and fear.  But soon it was found that their tiny baby growing inside had Gastrochesis, as well as Omphalocele. In Mason’s case, the largest organ, the Liver, was outside his body, without a membrane.  After many consultations, Mason’s condition worsened, surgery wasn’t an option, and it was thought that their little baby was going to be born sleeping.

The hard desision of what to do was made, Bree wanted to spend as much time with her baby as she could. And he enjoyed 31 weeks kicking and growing inside her.

On the 29th April 2011, as many grew excited to watch the famous royal wedding, Bree found out the pains she’d felt for a few weeks were in fact labour and she was 7cm dilated.

Her fear of needles proved to be a brave fear as she went through the motions of labour, with only gas, and stronger than I’ve ever seen a women. After her waters were broken, and only 5 or 6 hard contractions, Mason arrived into the world.

The burst of love into the room was explosive and intoxifying.  As Mason was held against his mother’s chest, he defied the odds and felt his mother & father love for him, got to know his parents, before peacefully passing to Heaven.

Surrounded by family, Mason had a blessing by the Royal Women’s Hospital’s head of Pastoral Care, and met his close family members.

“… [you can] measure the world by the mark that you make…” *

Bree & Kayne.. I’m so honoured to have been a part of Mason’s life, to share this journey with you both. He will never be forgotten, and has left a large footprint on my heart.  Your little angel will be shining down on your forever.

Much love, xxx

* (edited) lyrics by Powderfinger, The Metre.