thePROJECT, February 11th – Baby Photographer Melbourne

We are having a stage where Ash doesn’t want to go to bed.  At 830 or even later we are still struggling to settle him.  On Friday after a rather long period of going up and down the stairs, I finally lay down with him to see if he’d go off to sleep with me there with him.  After a while, I had an idea.  Neither of my children took to teddy bears or comfort blankets, but you never know, as they grow older this could change.

So I asked him if he’d like a special teddy to hug.  Yes he did.  So off I went to find one of mine that I’d kept.  ”Best ted” was given to me by my grandmother when I was born.  He’s pretty special.  Ash thinks so too.  Half an hour later, he was fast asleep, and I could capture these:  (yes I got teary)

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