thePROJECT – January 27th

I didn’t pick up the big camera today for thePROJECT.  Instead, I used my iphone.  It was a big day.  Firstly, Eman got a haircut “Short mummy!” for school starting next week, and Ash, little Ash, had his first haircut.  Only about 2cm off, and I collected the little curls in an envelope.  2 1/2, it was his first ever haircut.  He was so good.  Didn’t fight, didn’t move, sat there in his “spiderman cape”.  (Although I have a feeling the jar of lollypops was rather appealing!)

But never fear, you’d never know he had a haircut if I didn’t tell you!!  And Eman is so proud of his new look… and he does look pretty cute!!!

{Every day of Summer, I photograph my two boys, one photo every day}

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