thePROJECT – December 19th

Finally, someone was still!

9 times out of 10, I get compliments on how gorgeous my “daughter” is.  For some reason it’s really easy to look at his hair and assume that “he’s” a girl.  The clothes and boyish shoes don’t give it away…  So some people wonder why I don’t cut his hair so he’s more “boylike”.  Well.  Would you cut off these gorgeous curls!?  Because I sure can’t!

{Every day of Summer, I photograph my two boys, one photo every day}

Tanzyn - No I wouldn’t cut it either! Adorable:)

Mandy - Not a snowflakes chance in hell I’d be chopping those locks! Toooo precious!

Karmel - No there is no way I would cut of those beautiful curls!! Love his hair!

elizabeth pellette - such a great image

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