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Teeny Tiny Fairy-baby, 7 days – Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Those who have read my profile on my website would know that one of my highlights before full-time photography, was working as a fairy.   Sadly, in 2003 the first ever “fairy shop” in Chadstone closed it’s doors, however the friendships between us faerie-folk has never died.  My fairy-sister, as I tend to refer to her(!), has just had a little fairy of her own.  Weighing only 5 pounds 3, Miss Coco was 7 days old when I met her!  I have to say, she is just DIVINE.  Without a doubt one of the smallest babies I’ve photographed, but boy is she already making up for her small weight.  She’s gown cm’s already!

With the idea that we would ‘take a quick few photos’, she had other plans.  QUITE the little model there!

Congratulations T & B, She is just amazingly gorgeous!  I cannot wait to come see you again soon!!  Hope you love your preview;)xxx

Mr N, 2 weeks new – Melbourne Newborn Photographer

I first met this family when Mr Z came to the studio for his newborn photography, (his newborn photos are available here!) and now he’s a big brother!  And a very proud one too!

Mr N is such a content baby, in fact it seems he likes it better with lots of noise around!  Such gorgeous hair and how could resist those gorgeous lips?

It was wonderful to see you all again, I cannot believe how much Z has grown!  I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad, your gallery is very very close!

Miss E – Melbourne Child Photographer

I photographed Miss E back when she was a toddler, and boy she’s growing up to be so beautiful!  We ran around the fairy tree (or 4) and tried to feed the ducks (although I think they’d been fed a few times already!)  and even found some pinecones.

Great to see you again, I hope you enjoy the preview, many more to come in your gallery!

Glowing – Melbourne Pregnancy Photography

Look at the proud big brother-to-be!   And who could deny that she is simply radiating!

Lovely to meet you Mum, I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and can’t wait to meet your baby soon!

Mr P, 7 days – Melbourne Baby Photographer

This gorgeous little guy had the cutest yawn (captured below) but that’s not the biggest one.  He yawned so much at one stage that honestly it took his whole little tiny body to get it out!  I’ve never seen such a big yarn!  Thankfully it wasn’t too contagious or I might have curled up on the floor and had a nap!

Lovely to meet you both Mum & Dad, I hope you love the preview, your gallery is not far away!