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Last Wednesday, I did something I don’t usually do.  I went to bed early.  I had only just lay down when I heard a frightening sound.  4 minutes later we were calling an Ambulance.  My two year old was struggling to breathe.  Barking and gasping.  It was truly one of the scariest moments I can remember.  About 7 minutes later, not one but TWO ambulances arrived, one an ICU truck.  The second they entered his room they confirmed what I was starting to think, Croup.  So off we went in the ICU Ambulance to hospital.  Thankfully it was calming down and with a high dose of medicine he was ok to come home.  (Of course the late night disruption of sleep did not cause him to sleep in, typical!!!) The next day it was almost like nothing had happened.   He recovered quickly and well, and was back to his usual self..  barring a slight husky voice!

So here is Mr Ash, who a few days before his ‘exciting’ ride allowed me to photograph him, whilst testing out a little location I’d found for Mr M‘s baby photography session.  Whilst we are not the biggest fan of smiling towards the camera, I wouldn’t have it any other way.. He’s very independent, already, and just loves exploring..

Karen Ilagan - Hi, Gemma. It’s been ages since I last commented on your blog, but I still do lurk around ^_^

What a relief to hear that Ash is OK! I can imagine how horrible that night must have been for all of you. My little one has asthma and when he gets attacks and can’t breathe, I just panic.

He’s GORGEOUS, by the way. Just look at those beautiful locks!

Mum - These are gorgous GK – I love the one of Ash walking! Did he let go of the little red car at all?! Love, Mum xo

Chrissy Torney - Oh he is a darling…I just LOVE the ones of him ‘jumping’ – love these Gemma!!

Peta - Stunning stunning shots. What a handsome little man. So glad he is feeling better.

Janet Palmer - such a gorgeous little dude :) dont think i can pick a fav :)

Bianca - Im so glad to hear he is ok! It must have been so scary! These are so divine Gem, he is a total spunk. I am in love with the shot of him walking (6th shot from bottom). Love it!!

Kelly - I see Mummy’s features/expression in that last close-up. Glad to hear he’s well – and pooh pooh to no sleep in!

Kara Elmore - It made me SICK to read about this! I am SO sorry you had to go through that. My little miss fluffy has had croup MANY times and it’s horrifying!

I love what you captured – stunning as ever!

Katie Kolenberg - Oh Gemma, he is so beautiful. With his hair like that, he reminds me a bit of my boy.

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