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Spring Sessions Part II – Melbourne Baby Photographer

Welcome to Part II of our Spring Mini sessions!

Again, thank you to the gorgeous families who attended our first round of mini-sessions!  I hope you enjoy your preview:)

The Spring Sessions PT I – Melbourne Family Photography

Last weekend, my beloved Mother Nature didn’t really care that I had plans.  I had some of my favourite clients, and some lovely new clients visiting for our first ever mini-session event.  Our Spring edition.   She though it would be funny to be COLD, and WET.  And when the sun did shine it was WINDY!

“Mini-Sessions” is an event we are hoping to run every year, each season.  Perfect for children who are growing so fast, and with the blink of an eye they will celebrating their 18th birthdays! (Getting ahead of myself there)

Never-the-less, as soon as the rain eased, we would dash outside for a little while (what was more confusing was it raining while the sun was out!)

Part II coming soon!
(To all families, thank-you for coming & having fun! It was wonderful to meet you / see you all again, I cannot believe how much the children have grown!)

My new studio assistant, maybe?! – Melbourne Baby Photographer

Last week while babysitting Mr H, Bec decided to steal my studio for some photos ;).  Well I jumped in on the action as well, and found I have new studio assistant.  Ash.

My little ‘spider monkey” was all smiles and kisses for “baybee arreee” and actually let me take some images of him as well.  Smiling, and LOOKING at the camera.  This, is a rare thing!

Miss H, 10 days new – Newborn Photographer

This wee girl was just adorable.  And boy, can she smile!  She was extremely fascinated with what was going on around her, she would doze off and then you could almost see her thoughts ticking over, ‘hang on… this place is interesting, I’ll see what’s going on!”  But when her eyes closed, the smile came out.  And stayed.

Lovely seeing you both again Mum & Dad, I hope you enjoy your preview, and I can’t wait to show you the rest!

Mr T, 4 months – Melbourne Baby Photography

I did both of Mr. T’s sister’s baby photography at the same age as he is now, 4 months.  (And boy haven’t they grown!!)  Miss I (eldest big sister) is quite the little lady already, and Miss A is just adorable!  A little shy, but can’t resist smiling when I would start acting like a goose!  Mr T, takes everything in around him, his adoring sisters, and this fascinating world around him which he gazes at in wonder.  Mum & I have worked on a theme with our sessions with the girls, and now now with Mr T –  each time we’ve changed it up slightly to suit each child.  Makes things so special!

I couldn’t resist this second photograph, I want to put a silly caption like “wow, photographer – lady- what – are – you – doing?”  The expression is just priceless!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad, your full gallery isn’t too far away!