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Believe it or not, I’m not brilliant at taking photos of my children.  Simply, they don’t like my camera.  Also has a lot to do with the age old excuse, a ‘builder’s house is never finished’ or a ‘plumbers tap will always drip’, and ‘a mechanics car always breaks down’.  Sure I’ve taken heaps of images of the kids, however where they are?  I have no idea.  My own images never go into the same process as my client’s work.  they are scattered amungst endless external hard-drives and DVD back-up for “when I have time”.

I have two images up on the walls.  One wasn’t taken by me, but my friend & assistant Bec.  And she had it printed and also hung it up.  The other is a canvas of Ash, when he was 5 days old.  Which many of my clients have seen on the wall.  But it’s part of the studio, not our “home”.

This is something that will be changed shortly, as I’m currently preparing albums, and finally, a canvas wall gallery.  And yes I’ll be posting images once it’s done.

Last week a fellow child photographer, Chrissy Torney, and I did a last minute dash to take some photos to test out a temporary location.  I decided to try and get photos of the boys to give to Daddy for his birthday.  While the photos of Daddy with the boys didn’t QUITE go to plan, it shows them, their personality, and is very them!

Happy Birthday G!

I’ll be posting some more images very soon of this awesome location!

Susan Wall - that is some location!
and wow the boys are growing fast.

Robyn Geering - your boys are just so damned cute – SO CUTE. and an image that shows their personality is the best memory you can have.

Amanda Keeys - Woo Happy Birthday G!!! :) Hope you’re having a good one.

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