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4 months – Brisbane Baby Photography

This may be hard to believe, but I was very close to not taking my camera at all, to my recent trip to Brisbane.  In fact, until 5 minutes before I was leaving for the airport, I didn’t have it in my bag at all.  It was sitting on the table staring at me.  I even tweeted about not taking it, and how empowered that felt.  WOW.  I was going to have 6 days of no camera.  A minute after feeling empowered, I felt lost, so in went the camera and ONE lens.  MINIMAL.

Why wasn’t I going to take the camera?  The foot.  Well of course, I’m glad I did, but still think it’s rather amusing that darling Finn was very similar to my own two boys.  Full of smiles until I bring out the big black camera.  Then the smiles will suddenly disappear.  (unless I’m using the IPhone camera, or the compact snap camera)

But Finn was rather serious while I was there.  There were other things to concentrate on, like his Christening, teething, catching his toes & wind pain.  Yep the poor little man had some pretty nasty bouts of it.  But still, he’s adorable is he not??

Here are a few images of the 4 month old:)

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Yes there are more to come:) hehe;)

Glow – Melbourne Maternity Photography

August is booming with gorgeous bellies!  This lovely lady was very generous to postpone her session a week or two due to my silly broken foot!  (which is healing well, and now in a super cool “moon-boot” – making moving around MUCH easier)

All the best for the rest of your pregnancy, I look forward to meeting your baby soon!

Melbourne Maternity Photographypregnancy photos melbournematernity photography melbourne

All about Finn!

Last week I was lucky.  I got to escape the cold & winter of Melbourne, and spend 6 days in sunny Brisbane.  Did the weather put on a nice show?  Sure did!  28 one day, and beautiful sunshine for the Saturday – which hosted a special day for a very special little man.  Mr Finn, on his 4 month ‘birthday’ had his Christening/Naming Day/Welcoming Ceremony/Dedication.  And I became officially his Godmother!  So not proud am I??

His ‘gown’ was a vintage find from the 1940′s, and Rod, who married Finn’s Parents & Aunt & Uncle, led the beautiful yet simple ceremony to officially welcome Finn to the world, and uncle Blake & I as his Godparents.

Now I have to admit, I’m not responsible for these images.. (except if there is a cake in the photo and a couple of others) Morgan (currently studying film at Queensland Collage of Film & Televison) saw my camera, went gooey-eyed over it, so who could deny letting him capture the day?!  And I think I can safely say that he has done an amazing job.  Not to mention that for once, I was in FRONT of the camera.  Now that is slightly rare!  So if the career in film doesn’t work out Morgan, let me know…;)


And yes, there are more Finn photos to come, of course….


Inside is baby number 3! Mum spent a few weeks toying with the idea of a maternity session, and I’m SO glad you did, because (and I know that everyone will agree) you look AMAZING!

I hope you enjoy your preview, I can’t wait to meet your baby soon!

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Mr O, 2 1/2 weeks – Melbourne Baby Photography

This little guy had me on my toes!  He was very interested in what was going on around him, and not so keen on ‘missing out’ by sleeping.  But with a little patience he was off to sleep and very content!

I love personalising images for my clients, and Mum & Dad had a fantastic prop and idea, which this little man was quite happy to do!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad!

melbourne baby photographybaby photography melbournebaby photography melbournebaby photography melbournebaby photos melbourne(Just on a side note, the last image in this post was performed with extreme care, at all times he was supported.  I take safety very seriously and never place a gorgeous newborn in danger, even for a split second.)