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Guess What!? – Brisbane Baby Photography

Firstly, I still haven’t had a chance to post a few of my FAVOURITE images from my time in Brisbane from March!! But scroll down for some EXCITING NEWS!!

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As some of my clients know, I made a rather quick dash (well actually it turned out to be quite an amusing story the “dash”) to Brisbane EARLY on Wedesnday morning.

My beautiful best friend (who I commonly refer to as my sister!) went into labour!  So within 15 minutes, a ticket was booked online (oh the marvels of modern day technology!!) I packed for myself, my two children and my portable office and was in the car on the way to Melbourne airport.

So the assumption was that I would be in Brisbane by 10am, at the hospital by 10:30-11 and hopefully baby hadn’t been born yet so I could do my job as support person!  WELL.  Melbourne had fog.  We were delayed by 30 minutes for takeoff.  Then as we finally started our descent into Brisbane airport, the weather turned against us and we were placed into a holding pattern.  The Captain told us that it looked like we were being diverted to TAMWORTH.  Yes, we were over Queensland airspace, and heading BACK to NSW, to refuel and wait out the rain which caused very limited visibility.

Panicking that Daddy-to-be was sitting outside the airport waiting for my now to be VERY late plane, I asked the lovely flight attendant if there was any way to get a message to the ground.  What is baby was born while waiting for me and daddy missed it!?

I’m lucky that the Captain & First Officer agreed this was a total emergancy, and while organising their chaos of co-ordinates, they telephoned the ground personally to let daddy know that it would be best to head back to the hospital!  Go Qantas!!!  So finally at 1:20pm we land in a very wet Brisbane Airport and I was at the hospital by 230.

Baby was not in a rush to be born.  In face s/he was quite happy staying put.

At 830pm, the beautiful 3.82kg (8 lb 6 oz) baby boy, Finn was born!

And without further ado… the beautiful Finn!

brisbane newborn photographybrisbane baby photographybrisbane baby photographybrisbane newborn baby photos

And finally, one of myself & baby Finn (taken by the very proud Uncle Blake!!)

brisbane baby photography

So on a administration note, I’m still in Brisbane until Tuesday evening, however can still be contacted on or by mobile, however due to being in and out of hospital, please leave a detailed voicemail message, and I will return your call as SOON as possible!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Studio News

Due to personal reasons, the office is currently unattended for a few days. Please continue to email the studio at or phone us on 0423 323 185. If you do call, please leave a detailed message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible. Thanks and we look forward to showcasing more gorgeous clients soon!!

Gemma x

Melbourne Pregnancy Photography

More of the gorgeous Nat… (because I couldn’t help myself!)

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Mr C, 8 days new – Melbourne Newborn Photography

What can I say?  This little guy was one of the best little model’s I’ve ever had in the studio.  Never heard a peep out of him, even when he opened his eyes with a hungry look on his face!   Straight back off to sleep!

He had a busy day for such a little guy of 8 days, Mum & Dad had a celebration for him planned that afternoon!  I hope you enjoyed your party, and I look forward to showing off your gallery very soon!

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Miss G, 10 months – Melbourne Baby Photography

Miss G is one of the more ‘serious’ babies I’ve photographed.  She is very sophisticated, and seems much wiser than her 10 months!

But how gorgeous is she, and those eyes are very, very captivating!  We even got big brother in for a photo, however he was done milli-seconds before the camera took one frame!  But still, we captured one!

Hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad!

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