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thePROJECT & Sydney Trip Pt II

Eeek, done it again, terribly behind on the project.  So, I was away for 5 days, however where I was there were 5 GORGEOUS children, all happy to help me out with thePROJECT.  So instead of making it about seeing the Iphone clearly, it was about these gorgeous Keeys children.  BUT, my children are STILL in the images, just not that clearly!!

feb 5-9

GLOW, 35 weeks – Melbourne Pregnancy Photography

My studio is now glowing on it’s own!  So many beautiful pregnant women!  And yes, I have another still to blog!

This gorgeous lady visited the studio on her first offical day of maternity leave!  I cannot wait to meet your baby!  Enjoy the next few weeks and rest up!

melbourne pregnancy photographymelbourne pregnancy photographymelbourne pregnancy photographymelbourne pregnancy photography

Sydney trip Pt I

Well I recently dashed off to Sydney.  It was HUMID (by the way you will see me write this SEVERAL times… just for the heads up!)  The main reason I was there was to give the lovely Amanda a hand photographing her brothers wedding.  Not sure why she needed help, but hey, I wasn’t going to say no;) I mean honestly, who needs help when it’s a) your brothers wedding, b) you have a 7 month old baby, c) the older 4 children there as well?  I think she just wanted me there for my lovely company:P

Ok enough joking aside… and we’ll get to the wedding images later, but for now, day one of the trip.  After enjoy a lengthy sleep in (very much deserved since it was SUCH a long trip on a plane – a whole hour and I was lucky to be feeling important in seat 1A hehe) we ventured to the shops (in the humidity) to buy some last minute wedding supplies then convinced young Lilly to help us out for some photos, OUTSIDE of the air conditioned comfort … yep it was HUMID.   Well as her mother says, point a camera at Lilly and then she’s done.  No prize winning photography here by me, but aren’t they CUTE!?

children photographychild photography

Ok can you tell what she’s thinking?

“ARE YOU QUITE FINISHED?”  ah yes, the pressure that comes from being a photographers child….

collage 4Told you I was going to complain about the humidity.  Did you know it was apparently more humid that Friday in Sydney than in North Queensland?  Well it was:P So I have the right to complain! hehe

till next Sydney installment xx

GLOW, 34 weeks – Melbourne pregnancy photography

… this bump is only 34 weeks!  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing baby a few weeks early!

I hope you enjoyed your session guys, can’t wait to meet your baby soon!

Pregnancy photographypregnancy photographypregnancy photography melbournemelbourne pregnancy photography

Glowing at 34 weeks – Melbourne Maternity Photographer

I can’t wait to meet this little baby, and not too long to go, I hope your last week at work went well Mum!

I hope you enjoy the preview!

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pregnancy photography melbourne