thePROJECT – Melbourne Baby Photography

I KNOW!  I’m horribly, horribly behind.  January is always like that.  I have really, really good excuses!  I’ve been away (as mentioned in previous post) to Tasmania, then 36 hours later went on a little road trip with Janet (which confirmed that yes, Ash does get carsick) and then been playing catch-up around the house… Have I mentioned before that I’ve decided I’m domestically challenged?  Well I think I am.  Either that, or my family can mess up the house quicker than I can clean it.  Or a combination of both!

Ok so instead of writting rubbish, I’ll post some images.  Sorry everyone but there’s only two today, I have to finish off a few from when I was away so they upload as a set, and it’s 12:44am, and I’m really tired!  Not to mention that I have some gorgeous clients to blog!

First up, evidence that Ash might need formal guitar lessons sooner rather than later.  And may have some brilliant stage presence..

JAN 12

And Eman, playing with his friend Arch..  they were “working” as you can see!

JAN 13

Promise I’ll finish up the overdue editing of the rest of January ASAP…. and moreso so I can show off today’s image (31st Jan) because it will blow all these images out of the water!!! Yes, it is that good – if i may say so myself!!

P.s Is it just me or is everyone else scared that it’s already February!?

Janet Palmer - loving the baby shredder :) … and yes Freaking out over Feb!

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