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Mr L, 13 days, Part II – Melbourne Newborn Photography

thePROJECT – December 25th

{Every day of Summer, I photograph my two boys, one photo every day}

Mr L, 13 days new, Part I – Melbourne Newborn Photographer

This wee little man was actually 4 weeks early.  He decided that Christmas 2010 was not to be missed!  While the clouds changed from thin to heavy, this little guy slept on.  He was so peaceful.  Poor Mum & Dad have to actually wake him to feed.. I wish I knew what he was dreaming to be so sleepy, and when he gave a little smile, I know they must be amazing dreams!

Stay tuned for Part II!

thePROJECT – December 24

The official PROJECT image for December 24th.  Full story (with a lot of images!) previous entry on the blog 😉

{Every day of Summer, I photograph my two boys, one photo every day}

Christmas Eve 2010 – Melbourne Child Photographer

What is the festive season without a few personal posts on the blog?  Well watch out they are about to bombard the Iris Creations Photography blog!

About a week before Christmas, Eman & I made a large batch of “Reindeer food” to give to all his kinder class-mates as little presents, keeping a few for us to use as well.  (Secret ingredient is glitter so the moon shines down to light the way for the Reindeer you see – must also add here that I borrowed this gorgeous idea from someone else!)

Christmas Eve we spend with our cool Uncle Richie, and awesome Aunty Megs & even cooler Grandma, and of course, since this year we were at their house, they just had to help us spread out the Reindeer Dust.  (Excuse the baby child in just a nappy, it’s either that, or a spiderman suit at the moment…!)

After all the excitement of feeding the Reindeer, we had to make sure Santa was well catered for, and therefore left some gingerbread Christmas trees we had made for the special day!

(And a weak mug of bourbon and cola… in case he’s thirsty!)  And now off to bed to sleep like good boys, as Santa knows when you’ve been sleeping… and he KNOWS when your awake giggling with your brother and having pillow & doona fights….