Another instalment!

Slowly I’m getting Eman used to the idea of the camera.  Sometimes it takes a lot, but when you get images like this first one, it makes it all worth it!

Then it’s a cutee sleeping..

Ashton “rockin it out” in guitar hero

Eman with his new Wall-e computer toy.  It’s a laptop, and therefore he tells me that he has to do “work, just like you mummy”

And Ash relaxing on his new couch.  I had a great image which I would love to use, however for Ash’s privacy I wont publically, but, it’s a gorgeous image of him after his bath on his vintage toy car.  I might try to replicate the image only less, stark!

So, until the next addition, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas, and all the shopping is getting done!


fiona carson - wowee, that first image is spectacular, Gemma! They are all gorgeous of course…but that first one needs to get blown up HUGE! Beautiful xx

ps, merry christmas to you and your boys xx

Rachael Kelly - THese are great, I love love love the WALL E one. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Janet Palmer - awww Love Eman and Wall-e

Renee Bell - awesome!!!! love them all.
Great to see real life moments :-)

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