in a little town called Timbarra… Destination Wedding Photography

EKKK I’m behind on blogging again!  lots to post, however for now here’s a small (well it was going to be a small taste) taste of the gorgeous wedding Janet & I of LE Photography photographed a few weeks ago..

I love weddings that are unique, you know the feeling as a guest, your see your family and/or friends getting married, declaring their love and it being about THEM –  Every detail is unique to THEM.  Well this wedding takes the cake.   Firstly, the wedding was held in Timbarra, a tiny “town” pretty much in the middle on NOWHERE, with 2 permanent households.  Bring on a wedding, and the populartion soared to over 150!

Brooke & Minas met in this tiny natural haven, and therefore that’s where they got married.  Everything was just perfect!!  Enjoy the visual feast!


Otto Haring - Great work!!! :)

Hannah - These are really beautiful, Gemma. I love how original the florals were and the final pic is just stunning.

Sharon Fyfe - Stunning work! Absolutely gorgeous!

Philly - Just beautiful!

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