Tunnels & Thankfullness

Well as most of my clients and family & friends know, it’s been a tough November, and a BUSY one!  So here it is Saturday night, and I thought I’d make a personal post for a change! (there will be a lot more of this month’s previews coming soon!)

Firstly, thanks to my wonderful Mother-in-law for all your help – firstly flying in from New Zealand, but for keeping us all sane, in a clean house (I swear I’m TRYING to keep it the same), fed, cupboard STOCKED (never seen so much bread in the deep freeze) and happy.  While I worked non-stop for the end of October and most of this month, she kept this house running, and helped nurse (when he let us) my husband from two surgeries in a week, with a more interesting outlook on the recovery road, which will be fine!

So my poor boys have had a confusing month, people coming, going, staying away, hospitals, sore daddies who can’t play games and the best food ever!

I thought I’d post a few images I found from a month ago of Ashton.  (Emerson refused this day to be photographed)  I have a THING for photographing this tunnel.  Don’t know why.  Just do.  It’s funky, it keeps my models entertained, and brings a sense of adventure!  So here’s some tunnel images, of Ash!


Meaghan Cook - Oh Gem, look how Ashton has grown. We must catch up once the craziness has died down! x0x

LK - I hope your husband is recovering quickly. Love your tunnel shot! Love those curls over his eyes!

Janet - Oh my gorgeous bebe Ash is no bebe anymore xx

sarah black - Gemma, that second photo of Ashton is sooooo beautiful, I totally adore it. So innocence, curiosity and wonder in that gaze. He is gorgeous. ANd am so sorry to hear about your husband, hope he is getting better now and things getting back to normal. Big hugs.

Fiona carson - oh Gemma, I didn’t know about your husband, hope he’s ok. Hope you are surviving, you look to be flat out! gorgeous photos of Ashton, he’s grown up so much!

Sharon Mallin - What a handsome little boy you have there! Loving the tunnel too :)

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