A day in the park – Melbourne Child Photographer

I’m slowly catching up!!  I have heaps and heaps and heaps of gorgeous images of gorgeous babies to post, however I’m being a bit “control freakish” at the moment, so everything is happening in order.  (even the house is getting an overhaul… by the end of September, if it doesn’t have a “home” it GOES!)

I’m always getting in trouble that I’m not posting enough of my gorgeous boys, so here we go.  Firstly, is Eman, who many will know, isn’t the biggest fan of the camera.  If he’s in the mood, he’s covered in food, the day before the hairdresser appointment.  And in the most unflattering-for-camera outfit… have I mentioned this is called “photographer’s child syndrome”?

Anyway before I carry on too much more, some from Eman in the studio…


My boys in the park.  Seems strange posting this today, when the sun is shining and it’s slowly becoming more and more like warmer weather is on the way.  Well this day it was techincally the first day of Spring, only it was more like the middle of winter!  Also felt like playing around with some different processing for a real “wintery feel”!


Merryn Gomez - beautiful Gemma, just like their mummy. Last shot is precious.

Carleen & Steve - Gorgeous Gem as always. Can’t believe how big the boys are now.

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