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Something new is coming…

Be sure to keep stalking the blog… for something new is coming to Iris Creations Photography…

Thinking of booking in a session?  Please email Gemma before the 12th October to book in your session.  (Sessions do not need to be held by this date, just booked!)  The reason?  Our pricelist & product range is also changing slightly;) To get on the current rates, please be sure to book in your session now!  Newborn sessions can be booked in advance… 

That’s it for now.. I’m in a cheeky mood and want to keep you all hanging;)


Mr. B, 7 days – Newborn Baby Photography

Mr B was VERY alert for 7 days!!  Adorable, but ALERT.  Took a while for him to nod off, and when he did he was still letting me know what kind of photographs he wanted.. Simple, not too over the top.  No props!

Have to say it was nice to go back to basics and photograph a baby  - simply.  All about THEM.  Although the weather wanted to make it all about IT.  We had overcast, blaring sun, rain and darkness all in 2 1/2 hours!

Hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad!


Miss M, 4 Months – Baby Photography Melbourne

This gorgeous girl was such a total cutee!  And as I discovered at the end of our session, LOVES bubbles!  (But then who doesn’t!?)  With a wee bit of teething going on, we were pulling all tricks out of the hat to keep her hand out of her mouth for just a couple of shots!  And.. it worked!!  

Hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad!


Erin’s Bridals – Melbourne Wedding Photography

This – is the beautiful Erin.  In a vintage inspired gown, she met up with Janet & I (making up LE Photography) for some Bridal shots :)  More on the LE PHOTOGRAPHY Blog! (Having finally been updated, it’s still a wee work in progress.  With the full website come VERY VERY SOON!)


Miss S, 15 days – Newborn Baby Photography Melbourne

This little girl was such a fighter!!  Sleep, no thanks, I want to party the afternoon away!!  But, even two week olds give in eventually.  Well almost.  This little girl certainly made me work hard, but oh she was just way too cute, and when you see Mum & Dad, you’ll see why;)

And her name is just fantastic, and very fitting, it means “beautiful” in Arabic? (correct me if I’m wrong Mum!)

You guys are a beautiful family!  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the gallery!  Thanks for your patience with the preview!

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