Time for something personal…

Yesterday, I looked jealously at my two cats sleeping peacefully on my bed.

Today, there is only one sleeping on the bed.

Selkie – the kitten I adopted when she was about 8 weeks old, terribly sick from birth, nursed her back to health (both physically and mentally).  It took her a long time to come out from hiding under the bed.   Months for me to even pick her up.  She even “choose” my husband. Selkie , the cat who wouldn’t go near anybody but me, jumped up on Garrison’s lap the first time he “called on me”.  We even remember that and joke about how the cat choose him!

Last night, my husband noticed she was unwell, so unwell she couldn’t stand.  I raced to our room to find her huddled in the corner of our en-suite.  I picked her and she felt like she’d lost half her body weight.  We raced her to the vet – to be referred to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

I cannot praise the staff there enough.  They are an amazing organisation that just want the best for our furry & feathery friends.  They admitted her to ICU, and ran emergency blood test.  The outlook wasn’t looking good.  She passed away overnight.  It was sudden.  It’s sad, and we are currently working out how to tell our 3 year old who has been beside himself since Mummy & Daddy raced Selkie off to the “animal hospital”.  We woke this morning asking all about Selkie.

Today, I cannot concentrate on anything.

Only yesterday I was photographing a 4 weeks old girl and her “big brother” the Border Collie, and the family and I were joking how difficult it is to capture our furry family members in a family photo!  And today I realise that I barely have a photo of Selkie .  I just sat at the computer to ponder the image catalogue to find a photo of her.  She wasn’t overly sociable – but I know I’ve taken some.  They are sitting on my personal hard drives.  But for now, I have this one image that my friend Bec Brittliffe took in March.

So the point of my long post is to take photos of your furry family members more often.

RIP on the big couch in the sky Selkie, you will be missed.

sonia - what a beautiful cat image Gemma …. and what a sad touching story …. bless her little feline soul …..

Sarah Black - Oh, so sorry to hear your sad news. Big hugs. Before you do anything else maybe get Bec’s image printed and framed.

Sheona - Gemma, I’m really sorry to read your terrible news. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Fran - Oh Gemma, I’m so sorry to hear this. I can understand how distraught you all feel. Poor little Selkie. :(

Christine - Selkie is such a beautiful cat… I’m sorry to hear about your family’s loss! Thinking of you and your family…

Bianca - Oh Im so sorry. Its is one of the hardest things to do as a parent, I will send you strength and love. Selkie is beautiful!They are part of the family and its always a sad time :o)

Meaghan Cook - Oh Gem, thinking of you. It’s so hard to loose a family member. Be gentle with yourselves. Be honest and loving with your 3 year old and he’ll thank you for it. xox

Stacey - Oh Gemma, im sorry!

Merryn Gomez - Selkie is so beautiful and Im sure she was the luckiest cat in the world to have been a part of your family Gemma. Big Big Big hugs. You must be really sad.

Melissa Stampa - Oh, my. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your family pet. :( Selkie looked so beautiful in her photo. RIP Selkie.

Jen Stocks - Oh, how terrible. It’s amazing how much a pet becomes part of your family.

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