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Ev Lloyd Photography Exhibition

And for something slightly different on the Iris Creations blog; Landscape and Seascape Photography.  By my dear friend Ev Lloyd.  On Saturday I attended Ev’s first exhibition.  It was a huge success – and being in a room with his works beautifully presented on the wall was just amazing.

So, do yourself a huge favour and head on over to his website; And see the beautiful works for yourself.  Here’s a few images from the exhibition itself, (sorry my images here do NOT do it justice) and an introduction to his work.

Lightroom (IMG_1437.JPG and 6 others)

Firstly, I had to open with this one as it has the best title “Gemma’s Choice” (!)

gemmas-choice2step2Ev Lloyd Landscape Photography

And the stunning “Portal” which I have proudly on my wall:)


Congrats Ev, very proud of you xx

(please note: All landscape images © Ev Lloyd Photography)

Miss L, 8 days – Newborn Baby Photography

This little (tiny) peanut was a a little feisty at her session.  Ok I’m totally joking.  But I think she would have preferred to be dressed, wrapped and not posing for the camera.  But how gorgeous is she!  Weighing only 2.5kg she was one of my smallest subjects to date!  As most of my clients know, newborns will poop and pee on my blankets – this is just natural.  Well this peanut didn’t.  Only on her own!  hehe. (sorry mum)

Thanks for your patience with the preview!  I hope you enjoy Mum & Dad!


On another personal note…

… Well firstly I have to say, we are all running on empty here!  We had been hoping to expose something very new next week on the 1st September, however that is going to be unfortunately delayed:(

Secondly, to all my lovely clients reading the blog, I am a wee bit behind, and thank you for your patience with me!

Where to start?  Lets start by saying that here in Melbourne we are lucky to have the Childrens hospital.  To all my photographer friends reading this blog, you may have read a similar (although with different circumstances) post on Rachel Devine’s Blog.    On Sunday I was getting worried about Ashton’s raising temperature, which was not dropping from 39.8 – so I called the local doctor, however missed them by 10 minutes.  Thankfully they have the local service and sent around a doctor to our home.  She pulls out the usual checks and then informs us she was worried about his oxygen levels!  I was a bit taken back as I’d rung her about his temperature.  So we went to the Children’s hospital.  at 9pm the Ventolin started, and continued every 20 minutes until 3am, when we were admitted into the short stay unit.

There it was dark (instead of the blazing fluro lights of emergency) and I got a “bed”.  In the morning they informed me that Ash had a viral induced Asthma episode which may or not lead to continuous Asthma.  That next day involved trying to stretch out the Ventolin to every 4 hours, when they would let us go home.  Problem was, I wasn’t overly confident about going home!

The staff were fantastic, helpful, caring, understanding that I had no idea what I was doing and never once made me feel like I should understand the medical jargon that they had!  Thankfully we were sent home later that day. with a follow up scheduled in 6 weeks.

So at home we were, and introduce feeling like there is a newborn in the house again!  Every few hours we had to check in on our little monster and give him ventalin, which of course – he HATES!

Bring the end of the week and he is 100% on the weekend, and we are slowly recovering from the lack of sleep this week!

here’s a few iPhone photos I took in almost complete darkness!


Newborn Showcase – Baby Photography Melbourne

Get ready for a massive preview!  This gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous baby girl is the second daughter of a dear friend of mine.  My poor friend was hounded by me during her pregnancy – that no matter what I was photographing her baby when she was 6 days old.  Not sure she understood at the time why, but as I say to all my clients, the younger the better.  Well on the day, we saw why.  Baby R was sleepy.  So sleepy that she would barely wake even when we wanted her too!

She was an amazing model (even did poses all by herself!), and there are more to come of Ruby which are being kept specially for a secret, which I’ll be ready (hopefully) to share soon.  Miss R was my “model” for such a secret;)

I had another playdate with my friend & her beautiful daughters again recently, and of course, put Miss R to work again at modeling.  (sorry R, but you are just too beautiful)  I will be sharing those images as well ASAP!

Thanks for your patience Mum, I hope you love the images:)xxx


Mr. T – ACOCP Melbourne

Met this gorgeous family at the Royal Children’s Hospital today through the ACOCP.  Mr. T is 7 weeks old.  We were lucky enough to venture out of NICU and even out into the garden! Which I think was Mr. T’s second time outside!

It was a pleasure to spend the morning with you Mum & Dad, I hope you enjoy the images xx